Selling Pallets

We pay top dollar for consistent deliveries and sources.

Selling pallets can be a very profitable business; however, it takes a lot of hard work and knowledge about pallets to make it worth your while.  If you are only bringing in five or ten pallets here or there, it is probably going to be a waste of gas for you.  We are looking for people to bring in consistent large loads of quality pallets.  That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to pallet selling:

What kind of pallets will PalletOne buy from you?

We will buy pallets that are standard sized 48″ x 40″ both two-ways and four ways.

What is the difference between two-way and four-way pallets?

A two way pallet can only be picked up in two different directions with a forklift, the front and the back.

A four-way pallet is constructed using notched stringers that separate the top deck from the base. Giving access to enter and lift the pallet from any of the four sides.  Four-way pallets can be picked up from any side with a forklift

Why size 48″ x 40″?

48 ” x 40″ is the standard size in pallets.   Pallets can be customized in any shape or size but we mostly rebuild and sell 48″ x 40″ size, so that is the size we are looking to buy.

What kind of shape can these pallets be in?

We want good pallets.  We will not buy your junk pallets.  If a pallet is missing a board or two, we will still buy it.  If pallets are rotted or missing a lot of boards, we cannot use them.  When you come in to Pallet One for the first time, we will educate you on the load you have brought and let you know which pallets we would like to buy.

What is too rotten?

If the pallets have been sitting outside for an extended period of time and the wood is grayed and compromised we don’t want it.

What other kind of pallets are unacceptable?

Pressed wood pallet

Wood block pallets:  these pallets are made with wood blocks instead of 2 x4′s.  These are too heavy and we WILL NOT buy them from you.

Block pallets with plywood tops: this pallet is made with blocks instead of 2 x 4 stringers.  It is also topped with plywood.

Will you buy any other kinds of pallets?

We will occasionally buy some other types of pallets.

Plastic Pallets

Sturdy Plastic Pallets

We will buy sturdy and unbroken plastic pallets.  If your plastic pallets are broken or damaged we WILL NOT buy them.

We WILL NOT buy the plastic pallets owned by the US Postal Service.  These pallets have the words “US Postal Service” etched into the sides.

We WILL NOT buy FOAM pallets.

We have people who make a very good living by selling pallets.  They are successful because they are consistently connecting with sources of quality pallets.  They are always in search of new sources and are always working hard.  We pay top dollar for consistent deliveries and sources.  If you are looking to sell, please click on the CONTACT US button and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.