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Pallet One recycles pallets and offers options for both pick up at your facility or drop off at ours. Please contact us to get set up for pallet recycling through Pallet One MN. We accept standard 48x40 pallets as well as odd sizes and in some cases plastic pallets. Broken wood pallets are okay! Extremely weathered pallets are not accepted. For new inquiries please send us a photo by email or text of the pallets you wish to drop off/have us pick up.


We will pick up scrap pallets at your facility either at the time we deliver an order of pallets to you or by appointment. The pick up facility must have either a forklift or a dock for loading our trucks. If you are not a pallet customer to whom we already deliver pallets, we typically ask that you collect a quantity of 60 or more pallets before scheduling a pick up.


We accept the drop off of pallets of any quantity at our location in New Hope. We are open to receive pallets M-F, 8AM-3PM. While we do not require drop offs to be scheduled, we do ask that you call or stop into our office prior to your first drop off to ensure that we will accept the pallets you plan to bring.

When requesting a pallet pick up

Including this information when requesting a pallet pick up​ helps us help you more effectively! 

  • How many pallets? Approximate size/type?

  • Location?

  • Is there a dock? Dock hours? Specific dock number or contact?

  • Do you have forklifts or pallet jacks for loading pallets?

  • One time or ongoing? We can set up regular pick ups!

  • A photo of the pallets you would like picked up, please email photos to or text to 612-703-7932.

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