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Pallet One is excited to bring new and innovative ideas to the pallet business. Many pallet companies are too busy to cater to small businesses; Pallet One was created for that purpose! We have a different approach to recycling pallets and doing business all together!

We provide a variety of standard sized pallets as well as custom and plastic options, all stored indoors at our facility to protect from the elements. Pallets may be picked up at our NE Minneapolis location or delivered anywhere in the Greater Twin Cities area by dock truck or semi.

Seeking help deciding what type of pallet is best for your application? Give us a call, we'd be happy to consult on how we can best assist you with a pallet solution.


We offer a variety of standard pallets. Typically "standard" refers to a wood pallet which is 48x40". Most are available as 4 way or 2 way options, meaning they can either be picked up by a forklift from 2 or 4 sides. We also offer pallets specifically  for international shipping.

  • GMA 48x40" Pallets

  • Heat Treated 48x40" Pallets

  • #1 Grade 48x40" Pallets

  • #2 Grade 48x40" Pallets

  • EPAL Euro Pallets 800x1200mm

  • Additional semi-standard sizes (48x42, etc)


If a standard sized pallet will not work for your application we are able to supply custom wood pallets to your specifications. Please contact us for a specific quote.


Plastic pallets are available in many sizes, including standard 48x40"s and squares ranging from 36x36" - 45x45". Plastic pallets come in nestable and non-nestable "block" styles. Please contact us for information on our current range of plastic options. 

Pallet quotes
The more information the better! Please include as much of the following info as possible when requesting a quote.
  • Dimensions. Gap, # of runners, etc if known. 48x40 is standard.

  • 2 way or 4 way? Does a forklift need to be able to pick it up from 2 or all 4 sides?

  • Capacity: how much weight must they be able to hold? Static/Dynamic requirements if necessary.

  • Quantity. How many per delivery and how often?

  • Grade: #1/A, #2/B, GMA, etc? 

  • If you have a photo or schematic of what you would like, please email to

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